Fliss Pro Silver Aluminum Black Iron FS-11



Fliss Pro Silver Aluminum Black Iron KS-11

What is MCH?
MCH heaters, its full name is Metal Ceramic Heaters, are made of ceramic chips and traditional resistant wire—the traditional wire is infused in ceramic chips. So the MCH heaters actually are traditional wires, without control, it can become hot red wire—the fire beast!
Here are the TOP 3 benefits we get on hair styling tools
  • Fast heating up and fast recovery
Since inside, MCH is traditional resistant wire, not like PTC, it can generate temperature as much it can when powered on. So it heats up quickly and heat compensation is satisfied. Normally under PCB control, the heating fast is 45S to 200C, but still we don’t recommend to pursue the heating up speed only, we need to consider this device life span in a considerable angle. We should take the balance between heat and life span.
  • Save labor cost in salon
Since MCH system temperature recovery is fast, it saves people’s time when doing the job like keratin treatment. You don’t have to wait till the temperature come back to 230C, and save time for other chores.
  • Best choice for professional salon use hair flat iron
Just because it can reaches very high temperature, and temperature recovery is faster, it is the best choice for a professional stylist, especially for Keratin Treatment. Theoretically, if the outer shell and other components can resist very high temperature like 260C or 300C or higher, MCH heating system is right there waiting for them. But in fact, so far, the other components are not able to meet MCH’s requirement

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